Renata  Salata

Renata Salata

Chief Growth Officer - Twisto

As chief growth officer, Renata Salata is the director of entire management, including its leaders, at Twisto. Since February 2019, she has been coordinating with the team in the Czech Republic and Poland.

She was born in Krakow, Poland, where she also graduated from the University of Economics. She started her career in the European Development Program for Managers at GE Money Bank / MONETA, from where she also came to the Czech Republic. After finishing the program, she stayed in the company and as a member of the team contributed to the building of the bene + loyalty program. At that time, it was involved in building the partner network, brand, product and overall communication of this program.

In November 2009, she joined Provident as a marketing director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, after five and a half years she moved to strategic planning and project management and later held the position of digital sales director for the Northern Region (Poland and Czech Republic) where she was in charge of overall brand and communication activities that included strategy and management. Part of her work was also focus on product development and customer management, which was characterized by active creation and maintenance of relationships with clients.

The current job of Renata Salata is to accelerate the expansion of Twisto. Her extensive experience and fluent knowledge of Polish and Czech are excellent prerequisites for successful growth in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Renata is a mother of two children, she is passionate about interior design and she also enjoys skiing in winter.

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