Laura  Mănescu

Laura Mănescu

Fintech Specialist - Modex

Laura Manescu is Head of the new Fintech Division at Modex. As a tech woman, Laura's journey in the Fintech world began with her work on the Moneymailme app.

Laura’s extensive experience in software development and banking laid the foundation for a thrilling and unique style of management that enables her to oversee the creation and implementation of innovative products for the Fintech ecosystem.

Laura joined Moneymailme in September 2016 as Technical Project Manager. Since then, she completely restructured the internal workflow of the team, affirming herself as a key pillar of the company. For her strategic vision and results-oriented approach, Laura was soon appointed as Head of the Moneymailme brand.

With over 13 years of experience in software product development and the financial industry, Laura is now interested in blockchain's phenomenal potential in banking as well as new disruptive technologies that can be integrated into the fintech solutions created by the company. Passionate about acting, reading or movies Laura ranks among the top women in the tech industry.

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