Digital: the 4th revolution.
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- MAY 14-15, 2019 -


May 14, 2019 09:00:00


About this edition

The financial industry is being dramatically transformed by technology and banks are under heavy stress to keep up the pace with FinTechs, on one side, and BigTechs on another side. Thus, traditional banks have to choices: embracing digital disruption or going the way of the dinosaurs.

Moreover, incumbent banks have to compete in a world that is mobile first and soon to be dominated by BigTechs, especially Internet platform-based conglomerates (Facebook, Ant Financial, Tencent or Google).

However, banks could find solutions to become faster, smarter and more efficient. Likewise, FinTechs have two choices: to befriend banks or to become their foes.


2019 Agenda Themes

Day I - Digital Banking Day

Mobile Payments & digital wallets: playground or battleground?

Digital wallets, a driver towards a cashless society?

Fintech & banks: pursuing the quest of financial inclusion

Finding the driving forces behind financial inclusion in emerging markets. 

Mobile Banking, a must have, but how to hook active users?

How to implement lots of features in a mobile banking app while ensuring the KISS* principle? 

*Keep it Simple, Stupid


Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in banking

How AI is disrupting the banking industry? 

Day II - FinTech & Blockchain Day

A world of frictionless money transfers

Criticality of KYC & AML / CTF checks, while disturbing as little as possible the customer.

Fintech Architects: how to get to market great products?

Discovering the hook factor for your financial product. 
From idea to product, from technology to a viable business.

Investing in Fintechs: hype or reality in Romanian market?

Meet angels and VCs that could invest in your Fintech.

Blockchain: reshaping the banking sector

Could Blockchain put an end to the banking industry as we know it?

Must have’s for widespread use and adoption. 

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